Kraft Paper Suppliers

Choosing From the Various Kraft Paper Suppliers

Whether for printing, shredding or writing, there are a variety of functions provided by Kraft paper. The various products available can meet any need you may have. Whether you’re looking for a one-time use product or in order to provide long-term services and products, you can count on Kraft paper suppliers. With Kraft paper’s versatility and durability, you can count on them time after time. It would be beneficial for you to examine each of their products to determine if it would be best for your individual or business needs.

For years, Kraft has provided a wide variety of colorful options in a number of sizes. These choices include single-sided single bleed, double bleed, reinforced bleached paper, premium grade, laminated and glazed Kraft paper, and high strength bleached Kraft paper. High strength is defined as having a much higher level of absorbency compared to common stock. This is accomplished with Kraft paper suppliers using a thick, coated, polyester film that helps to keep the contents dry. Premium grade refers to a standard offering, which offers higher quality products for a similar price.

One of the most popular Kraft paper suppliers is the bleached option. Bleaching is a process where the surface of the paper is dyed a bright color. Bleaching is often done for a variety of reasons, but one common reason is to provide a stiffer, coarser-grained look and feel. High quality is processed using different processes depending on its use and final destination.

A number of Kraft paper suppliers will offer custom-printed products. These include customized letterheads, envelopes, business cards, labels, brochures, flyers, postcards, and posters. Some of these can be used for heavy duty printing while others are purely for photo reproduction or promotional purposes. A custom-printed product is usually made with a specific goal in mind. Whether you want to have an elegant, classy, or colorful final product, a printer can accommodate your needs.

If you’re looking for more economical options, you can turn to Kraft paper suppliers who offer white bleached paper grades. White bleached paper grades are generally less expensive than regular, heavy-duty, thick Kraft paper grades. The added benefit to using white bleached paper is that the final product is more versatile. If you decide to use these in different applications you won’t run into any compatibility issues with the machine.

For more heavy duty options, you may want to check out Kraft paper suppliers who offer black and dark grained options. These have the same benefits as light bleached and are ideal for different uses. They’re also cheaper than other options. If you opt for a supplier that offers different grades of each variety, you can have the best of both worlds by getting the heavy duty look and feel of regular, but at a lower price.

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